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What’s your answer?

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Today I want to ask you a simple question that I encourage all my 1-1 clients to think about.

Because whether they’re looking to lose the 15-30lbs that’s crept on over the years…

Or to finally create the slim and healthy figure they’ve dreamed of since being a teenager…

I want all the ladies I work with to think about this –

Who are you doing it for?

Do you want to feel sexy for your husband…?

Do you want to unlock more energy and strength to set the example for your children?

Do you want to show off your legs and arms in a dress on a night out with your girlfriends?

Or do you want to look in the mirror with pride and confidence instead of glancing away quickly?

Odds are, it’s not just you who will benefit from you losing weight.

So I recommend spending time to deeply think about exactly who those people are…

And what being happier and healthier will do for your relationships.

I suggest writing down your answers.

Because as simple as this task may be…

We often struggle to put ourselves first.

We’re the backbones of our family.

Yet we put other people’s needs before our own.

And if we think of losing weight as a selfish endeavour…

We may sacrifice the things that improve our well-being the moment someone needs us.

But when you get crystal clear on who else you’re losing weight for…

You’ll see taking care of yourself as an investment into those who love you.

And once you realise that, you become more resistant to the bumps in the road.

Trivial things such as a bad day no longer steer you off your plan as easily.

You’re able to withstand daily stresses…

Or enjoy the upcoming festivities whilst maintaining your healthy habits.

And a lack of motivation rarely becomes an issue.

So sit down…

Ask yourself “Who am I doing this for?”…

Post a comment below and share with me the answers you came up with.

I’d love to know ❤️

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