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The secret diary of claire, 52¾

Women lying in bed wearing a purple top sweating

“Possibly one of the most unpleasant symptoms of peri-menopause are night sweats…

Honestly, I only had them very rarely.

I wondered why but then, during my research, stumbled upon the answer.

**It appears that Citalopram (an antidepressant that I take) can offset night sweats in perimenopause!**

Thank God I’m a nervous wreck, or I’d have soaked through my pjs 😂

Anyway, on with my HRT journey… By now, I was into week 5 of my trial…

I would say that, honestly, my energy levels were up a little…

But this was offset by the fact that I was still literally awake ALL NIGHT…

I was going to sleep around 4 am and then up at 7 am for work… Not ideal.

I’d been suffering from joint pain, which, I’d hoped, would have eased with the addition of HRT…

But, truthfully, I didn’t really see any difference with this.

Now ladies… God didn’t grace me with much in the way of physical wins…

But I have always been lucky enough never to suffer from spots or acne.

Even in my teens, I managed to dodge the dreaded pimples.

Oh, but Mother Nature was about to get her own back…

I woke up one morning during week 5 with a face like a Domino’s double pepperoni!


I couldn’t believe it! My face was in manner of a teenage boy who refused to wash…

Spots and boils but also dry patches.

I stopped my original (rich) moisturiser but then felt like I had a face tighter than Amanda Holden’s!

What the hell was happening to me?

I was disheartened and feeling like I didn’t know my own body…

HRT 1 – CLAIRE 0…”

Claire 💋

P.S. Despite being largely left to it by my own GP and my earlier jokes about my medical “experience” 

…I’m not a doctor.

And this isn’t medical advice.

Y’know – disclaimers, and all that.


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