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New Year, New Me?

It’s that time of year where many of us set ourselves New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year ahead, with “New Year New Me”. Whilst many of us set intentions to lose a couple of stone by summer to be ‘beach ready’ or to eliminate all sources of sugar from our diet (God forbid), January can be a great month to set intentions for the year. It shouldn’t be the month known for ‘I need to change’ (hint: not a good mind-set!).

How about this, instead of thinking that we need to change ourselves to become ‘better’ or ‘happier’ i.e. when I lose x amount of weight then I’ll be happy, how about 2019 being the year we treat our bodies with more nourishing food, respect, some self-love and aiming just to have a healthier life? Everyone is their own perfect self regardless of what they think they have to change. But January is still a great time and opportunity to start the year with healthy intentions – mentally and physically.

Here are some tips to starting your 2019 without the drastic changes:

Realistic Goals

In order to achieve what you want, it is important to set realistic goals for yourself that you can achieve. Setting goals that are way over the top and not seeing results can be very disheartening – little baby steps all add up!

It’s okay to have a little chocolate!

Wait, I don’t have to just eat salad, rice and chicken all day?! You can have your piece of cake and eat it too! ….. as long as it’s within your calorie intake. If you are craving a biscuit or a glass of red wine, and it’s within your calories – then treat yourself! It’s all about balance – and some ‘healthy’ snack bars have the same (if not more) calories than a bar of chocolate.

Portions, portions, portions!

A baked potato with salad, cheese and tuna may be a healthy lunch option but if you’re eating a mountain of potatoes and cheese this all adds to the amount of calories – just because it’s healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you can eat x2 amount of it!

Wait, I thought this was healthy!?

Some foods that have been deemed a dream for people looking to lose weight may not necessarily be the best to lose those pounds. For example, coconut oil is high in fat and therefore calories, so unless you can eat this within your calorie allowance – avoid over consuming! Keep your eye on the calories of different items, even if it’s branded as “healthy”.

Let’s move!

It is recommended by the government for adults to take part in 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity each week including 2 muscle strengthening activities. We all know the importance of taking part in physical activity – how about going for a couple of walks throughout the week to start off?

I am worthy

Self-sabotage can be a major player when it comes to taking up a new skill, sport or anything that you love to do. Just remember, you are worthy of doing these activities and the rewarding sense of self-investment and achievement!


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