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Motivation is not real!

Most messages I get contain with word ‘Motivation’ in them—usually the ‘lack of ‘ and the ‘pursuit of’ Motivation. I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t exist- not all the time anyway.

Often many people begin their weight loss journeys with a ‘hell for leather’ approach but fail to stop and think about what is maintainable for them and what lifestyle changes are consistent. By focusing on consistency over time- then you will get results.

Here’s an analogy- if you are teaching someone to throw a ball, you aren’t teaching them to throw it fast and hard, you teach them to throw it with accuracy. It would help if you adopted the same mindset for your weight loss goals, be consistent and have patience.


Where is your focus placed?

Instead of being fixated on the scales- think of other ways you can measure your health and fitness journey. If you have one focus and are fixated on the number on the scales, you will fall flat at some point in your journey.

We must shift our focus toward the process rather than the outcome.

Focus on consistency over intensity, focus on actions over feelings. If you focus on your habits and actions and set aside your feelings, you will succeed.

This leads me to my point about motivation. If we implement the mind-set above, it is evident motivation isn’t real; it is simply a feeling. It is simply the division between ‘being bothered’ and ‘not being bothered’.


The process is controllable! Once you realise the process is controllable and in your hands, that means that during the days you don’t feel like training, or don’t feel like sticking to your diet plan, you will have the discipline to detach these feelings as focus on your goals.


MOVE: just cut move, put your trainers on, open the laptop, grab the veg and start chopping- move!

MOMENTUM: since you have the trainers on, you might as well go outside;

the laptop is open, might as well work; veg is chopped, might as well make the dinner!

MOTIVATION: once the move and momentum steps are taken, you have the energy, that feeling of ‘motivation’, and the mentality to keep going and push on.

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