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Bloody Rude Women!

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I had to come on and tell you about this thing that happened to me…

It beggars belief!

I was coming out of my front door walking to my car with my gym bag when this woman walked past…

She looked up and said, “oh, you’re actually going to the gym, are you? Only, you normally swerve it”.

I couldn’t quite believe what I’d heard!

Anyway, I wasn’t put off and pushed on to the gym, now even more determined to crush my workout.

I was tying up my trainer laces, getting ready to start training, when this woman stopped…

She said, “you won’t get much done… You never do” 😮

I couldn’t believe her cheek… So I thought, “to hell with this”, and killed my session 😡

Then I put my swimsuit on to go down to the pool…

A woman walked past me and said, “put your clothes back on, love, nobody wants to see all of that”, and gestured at my body!!!

I was gobsmacked and super angry, so I thought, “I’ll bloody show you”…

I crushed my swimming goals…

Then I realised… This woman was around A LOT.

She was never kind or compassionate… She never encouraged me…

And that I was succeeding despite her.


It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Why was I so unkind and discouraging to myself?

How much energy must I have been using to battle this negativity?

I vowed at that moment to become my own cheerleader…

And I’ve based Revive & Thrive on this realisation.

Honest answers only… Can you relate?

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