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“Bridesmaid duties gave me the motivation I needed”

After trying various different diets with little or no success, Ailish Daly discovered the key to her motivation lay in being asked to perform bridesmaid duties at her brother’s wedding.

Ailish unveiled her amazing new look at the big occasion on October 28, 2016, dazzling wedding guests as a stunning member of the bridal party.

After joining Tara’s group training programme at the beginning of May this year, Ailish (pictured above before embarking on her personal training journey with Tara), an environmental health officer, lost just under three stone in weight ahead of her brother’s wedding day – but gained so much more in terms of confidence and self-belief.

Ailish looking simply stunning as a bridesmaid on her brother’s wedding day

Ailish said she knew the journey to reaching her health and fitness goals wasn’t going to be easy, but puts her success down to Tara’s expert training style and continued advice and encouragement.

“I really didn’t think I would do it and achieve as much success with my weight loss as I did”, Ailish explains.

“In the end I lost just under three stone and was delighted when people started coming up to me and commenting on how well I looked.

“I was asked to be bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding and that was the motivation I needed to do something about how I looked and felt.

“Tara was so genuinely helpful every step along the way. She would give me advice on where I was perhaps going wrong, tips on what food choices to make, and was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had.

“Tara genuinely cares about her clients and is with them every step of the way. People have been coming up to me and asking what I have been doing to get to where I am and I have been telling them it’s all down to Tara’s help and advice.

“Taking part in Tara’s group programme has not only helped me reach my weight loss goal but has given me a huge confidence boost and that is worth more than anything.”

Transformation – Ailish has been receiving compliments from friends and family on her gorgeous new look!

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