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Leave Lockdown Lean

Dieting is simple, let me show you how. Discover your correct calories to lose weight. Learn how to maintain weight loss – Forever!

Lockdown weight gain is real, due to an increase in calories whilst at home and reduced movement, it was inevitable for so many of us.

In response to the huge surge in inquiries I’ve had for fat loss help during this time, I’ve created a simple guide to flexible dieting to help you shift those pounds. I want to show you once and for all how to lose your weight and keep it off forever.

During Lockdown I have helped 90% of my online clients lose an average of 10 lbs in 6 weeks using this simple fat loss law evidence-based method. Check out my social proof on Instagram and Facebook.

Drop at least 10 inches from all over the body

Drop a dress size in 6-8 weeks.

All whilst dieting using a flexible approach and counting calories which meant cutting no food groups or eliminating any food completely from their diet.

Guaranteed to lose weight in 10 days

Weight Loss on this Program is guaranteed if you follow the law of Energy Balance.


Diets are merely vehicles to assist in the principle of a Calorie Deficit

It’s amazing that people still think that it’s a specific diet that elicits the fat loss, what they don’t know is that its the elimination of a food group or groups which facilitate a drop in calories that creates the weight loss. The law of energy balance is at play. With this program, you can decide the rate of fat loss that is correct for you. I explain very simply how to go about doing this. As an evidence-based Nutritionist I believe it’s very important that clients understand exactly how many calories it requires to maintain their current weight. This can provide a starting point to create the calorie deficit for fat loss that you feel comfortable with.

Results Guaranteed

Members on our private community boast 1000’s of amazing transformations. These are all authentic results from real people spread across the globe.

Why don’t you download now and in less than two weeks you too can have real results.

Are you totally fed up dieting and failing over and over again?

*Fully dependant on starting weight and adherence to the program rules.

So what's included?

Guide to calorie Counting for fat loss

Being in a calorie deficit is the only way to drop fat. I think it still confuses people though, how do you count calories and how do you know how many calories you need to drop fat? How, why, how long? There is a simple calculator to assist you in creating your own calorie allowance or I will show step by step how to create you own maintenance and dieting calories. Nothing of off limits. Dieting is very simple. Let me show you how.

9 Recipe collections with Over 100 meal ideas

Our recipe manual contains over 9 different recipe collections. I have added in some extra content and resource to help you with meal ideas if you get stuck. I have thought of everything that might interest you, light bites, treats, soups and even high protein options plus much more.
Each meal has it own unique barcode so that that your can track it easily and efficiently by scanning it into My Fitness Pal without having to log each individual ingredient. You can also blend these meal ideas with your own favourite meals you cook at home. You can grab and go and eat on the run. We will show you how to do this and still lose weight.

3. Measurement Journal

Don’t be a slave to the scales. Taking alternative methods of measurement allows you to track your progress. I will show you how and provide a personalised diary for you to track you progress as you drop those pounds.


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