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The 10 Day
Fat Loss Kickstart

The 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart uses a revolutionary formula to fast track results: Simplicity.

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Real Women, Real Results

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Measuring Weight Loss with Tara Grimes

Have you tried everything?

With figures from the NHS suggesting 60% of adult women in the UK are overweight or obese, this is an urgent health crisis.

But it’s not from a lack of effort when it comes to trying to manage their weight.

Some studies suggest that by 45, the average woman has been on 61 diets.

I speak to hundreds of women every week that feel at their wits’ end. Permanently feeling like they’re on a diet, eating foods they hate… just to regain the weight days later.

Yo-yo dieting risks damaging your relationship with food long term. Some of the ladies I speak to have struggled with binge eating disorders for over a decade.

They even looked for help from expensive and potentially dangerous supplements, useless juicing that upsets the digestion, and foul tasting detoxes.

Behind the results

I am a leading expert in the female fat loss. I’m your ideal coach. I understand the female body, menstrual cycle, hormones and periods of bloating that can make us feel uncomfortable and demotivate us.

Being a mum of four, I’ve been through the struggle of hormones, changing body and slowing metabolism, believe me, I’ve been there. I am an evidence based nutritionist and expertly trained to assist you reach your goals, so let me help you.

10 Day transformation results
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Clearly, women are motivated to change, but they face a dilemma…Many of the women on the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart have been told dropping weight fast is unsafe. That it can have a detrimental effect on your health and lead to rebounding.

This is a lie.

An outdated attitude based on selling you something that takes longer to achieve than it needs to.

And for most of the women I know? They’ve been “trying to lose weight” for long enough already and they’re quite ready to speed things along a bit.

There are studies which support aggressive dieting as a tool for improving long term weight maintenance. It can kickstart a long term dieting protocol that includes the reintroduction of higher calories.

For some women, it’s actually essential to maintaining and preserving the fragile motivation that will inevitably wane with less effective methods of weight loss.

You know your own body best. If you feel as though you’d benefit from a short term, highly effective dieting protocol, you owe it to yourself to get the best possible guidance and support to achieve the results.

The 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart uses a revolutionary formula to fast track results: Simplicity

Written by a qualified nutritionist, the plan is extremely accessible and specifically designed to be as effective as possible, while feeling extremely easy to use.

After working with thousands of women on the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart, there was one thing that was incredibly obvious…

These women have enough complications in their lives already without adding an elaborate and time consuming diet plan.

This solution is designed to compliment your life, to make fat loss feel easy and to get you incredible results in just 10 days.

Simplicity is the secret formula

Everyday foods icon

Everyday Foods

No fancy, hard to get foods that you’ve never heard of and have no idea how to cook. We include only those foods which can be picked up in a local supermarket.

Actual Results

No food groups are excluded. This is essential to manage energy, hormone balance and eliminate cravings. Effective weight loss without losing the foods you love. No gimmicks that trick you into thinking you’re dropping body fat but it’s just water weight.

Step-By-Step Evidence

A fully evidence based plan, laid out in an easy to understand way. Let your nutritionist take care of all the planning and research, all you need to do is take the shopping list to the shop and use the full colour images to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

Your Plan, Your Preference

Personalised to your individual preferences. Don’t like something on the programme? Use the mix and match option - included in your programme at no extra charge - to swap foods where needed. You’ll only eat what you love, and you will still lose weight.

Access to a team of Nutritionists

With access to the team of registered nutritionists via the Facebook group, you can get real time guidance on all your questions. You need never feel like you’re trying to piece bits of information together and make sense of it by yourself ever again.


Melanie has used the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart & the 10 days follow-on program to lose 4 stone in 12 months

Group 90

Anne has lost 26lbs using the 10-day kickstart & follow on Program throughout the year.

The 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart has been followed by 1000’s of women across the globe.

I have helped them drop up to 14lbs in 10 days, kickstart their journey or simply helped them lose their last 7lbs in 10 days.

The 10 days on this program I lost...

8.5 lbs

3 inches from my waist

2 inches from my lower tummy

Results Guaranteed

Members on our private community boast 1000’s of amazing transformations. These are all authentic results from real people spread across the globe.

Why don’t you download now and in less than two weeks you too can have real results.

So, what’s included when you sign up?

And for a limited time, I’m going to include some free gifts to get you started

Measurement Journal

This fantastic tool will clearly demonstrate where and how to take meaningful tape measurements and track your progress beyond the scale.

Habit Starter Kit

This is invaluable, because the 10 day fat loss kickstart is intended as a launch pad to longer term results. The habit starter kit will be something you return to again and again to help you to break free of old habits which could be putting the brakes on your progress. This will help you to cast off old habits, create new, health-serving habits and reveal exactly how to make these behaviours a part of your new lifestyle.

Get started with a very special offer

Order the follow on pack today, and unlock nutrition guides to optimise fat loss long term. This includes a “sculpt and tone” workout manual to fast track your results.

Option 1

You can buy the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart for just

£ 14.00

Option 2

Buy both the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart and the Follow On

Save 30%

The principle of the programme is calorie control, so provided you’re actually following the programme, you will lose weight – even if you’ve been let down by diets in the past.

Be reassured, there’s no uncertainty about it, this programme is incredibly effective.

After working with 1000s of women, all comfortably losing weight and enjoying their food, we feel entirely confident in offering a guarantee.

If you follow the programme for the full 10 days, and you somehow don’t lose weight? I will personally insist you get a full “no quibble” refund.

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