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The 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart Follow-on

The perfect way to continue your fat loss journey with the Follow on program

Tara Grimes 10 Day Kick Start Follow On Program cover

Real Women, Real Results

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Behind the results

I am a leading expert in the female fat loss. I’m your ideal coach. I understand the female body, menstrual cycle, hormones and periods of bloating that can make us feel uncomfortable and demotivate us.

Being a mum of four, I’ve been through the struggle of hormones, changing body and slowing metabolism, believe me, I’ve been there. I am an evidence based nutritionist and expertly trained to assist you reach your goals, so let me help you.

Lose weight in 10 days

I guarantee it

I have the experience of working with lots or clients who all come at different starting points and with different levels of fitness and indeed different lifestyles.

It’s really important that I provide a nutrition protocol that is both evidence-based but more importantly practical and fits into your lifestyle, without putting too much pressure on time and family life. This program gives clients the flexibility to pick and choose meals whether they are in their daily routine or not. This flexibility is more sustainable long term.

Sandra dropped 16lbs using the Follow On program after the original 10 Day program.

Nearly 70% of clients who followed the original 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart

This program was designed to provide a stepping stone from the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart to a longer term plan with continued results.

How it works

This program was designed to provide a stepping stone from the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart to a longer term plan with continued results.

Results Guaranteed

Members on our private community boast 1000’s of amazing transformations. These are all authentic results from real people spread across the globe.

Why don’t you download now and in less than two weeks you too can have real results.

Melanie used the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart Follow On program to successfully lose 4 stone!

She lost 10lbs using the 10 Day Fat Loss Kickstart, and then used the Follow On program with ease and continued losing, all whilst having periods off the program for meals out and special occasions.

Dropped 4 dress sizes

Lost 52lbs!

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You won’t find the level of professional experience and personal support elsewhere. A safe, warm and supportive community to share your journey. Myself, a team of registered nutritionists and sports performance coaches to give you the most valid up to date evidence and research to reach your goals in a healthful and safe way. It’s heart warming reading the amazing stories and posts on here everyday.

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