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Give your Fat Loss a Jump Start in just 7 days

Before I tell you a single thing about this plan, I want to tell you about the ironclad guarantee. I’m so absolutely certain this will work for you, I’m one of the few nutritionists prepared to offer a money back guarantee.

So let me be clear…If you don’t lose weight after following this plan for 7 days, you will get every penny of your investment back.

The 7 Day Fat Loss Jump Start Program with Tara Grimes

The 7 day jump start is intended to focus your mind and get some quick wins under your belt to boost motivation for a longer term weight loss plan.

The plan is simple to execute, and easy to stick to. 

People can expect to lose up to 7lbs of uncomfortable bloat while eating delicious meals the whole family will enjoy…

It hardly feels like a diet at all!

"I lost 6 lbs in the first 7 days and this motivated to continue with the program for another 2 weeks.

Within the first few days I even felt leaner, less bloated and lost my sugar cravings. I lost 10lbs in total in 21 days. I am going to continue eating the meals as they are delicious and very filling. The program suited me because it was so simple and I selected the meals that I liked, batch cooked and took leftovers to work. The kids loved the curry and the Scooby Snack. The Soup was firm favourite too. Top marks to Tara for program, it does what it says on the tin!”

Lost 6 lbs

2% Body Fat

7 Inches from my tummy

7 Day fat loss jumpstart client transformation

The problem with almost all short term “diet plans”? They’re bloody miserable. They are designed to get you to get a huge result on the scale.

Sure, you lose weight… but it’s because you’ve eliminated almost all salt and carbs from your diet.

It’s water weight, not fat.

If you spent the last week eating nothing but boring, bland food in miniscule proportions, of course you’ll lose weight.

And if you’ve ever been on one of these extreme diets, you’ll definitely have noticed all the weight you put back on as soon as you start eating like a normal person again.

The 7 day jumpstart is different

It’s designed by a qualified nutritionist so you will lose weight, while feeling satisfied with your food. The plan will help you to:

*Fully dependant on starting weight and adherence to the program rules.

So, what do you actually get?

First, you get clear programme guidelines so that you get the very best possible results from your 7 days. Weight loss ranges from 2-9lbs, with an average of 4lbs lost in 7 days. That’s me being as transparent as possible, based on 1000s of women’s results.

Graduates from 7 day jump start appreciate the simplicity of the calorie and macro counted meals. Included in the package? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Yes, the plans are flexible enough to include a snack every day! 

Easy, practical and convenient. And the best thing? The whole family enjoys them, so you don’t have to cook something separate for yourself.

If you’re a picky eater – or as we prefer to think of it – highly selective? We’ve got you covered. You can pick and mix your favourites from the meal planner. Learn how to build a healthy meal and you’ll have the skill for life.

At no point are you left to your own devices to “just figure stuff out”. You can attend live Q&A videos, and access nutritional support via the dedicated Facebook group.

You can get support directly from an entire team of qualified nutritionists and personal trainers so that you’re never without an answer to your questions.

You get instant access to the recipe books and plans. And once you’ve got them? They’re yours to download and keep forever. No ongoing costs, no additional fees.

You can dip into this 7 day jump start whenever you feel like you need a boost to your weight loss for no extra charge.

Results Guaranteed

After running this programme with hundreds of participants, we found weight loss ranged from 2-9lbs over the seven day period. The principle of the programme is calorie control, so provided you’re actually following the programme, you will lose weight.

For that reason, we feel entirely confident in offering a guarantee. If you follow the programme for a week, and you somehow don’t lose weight? I will personally insist you get a full refund, no questions asked.

Real Women, Real Results

Lost weight In 7 days with the help of professional & highly qualified Nutritionists

Lost 8lbs and 7 inches.

“The program is so doable. I selected the meals I liked and batch cooked for the 3 days in advance. I’m going to continue on with the program.”

Lost 4 lbs and lost 5 inches from high waist and lower tummy.

“The Program was so easy and so delicious I have continued with it and have lost another 3 lbs. I have recommended to all my friends”.

Lost 5lbs and 7 inches.

“The variety of meals to choose from makes it so easy. The foods are delicious and very filling. The soup and Sandwich Combo was a handy lunch option for me on workdays and the evenings were usually Chicken Fajitas, the Chicken and Pasta dish or Tara’s Low Cal Curry. I intend to follow the meals from Mon-Fri and have some flexibility at weekend.”

Lost 2lbs and lost 13 inches from tummy

“I like the 7 day plan as the food was delicious and I love my chocolate and didn’t feel deprived. I enjoyed my 95 Kcals Cadburys Freddo Bar each night with a cup of tea”.

Jumpstart your weight loss by joining now.

If you’re ready to get started on making the next 7 days about exactly what you need? And you’re able to invest £13 pounds in getting underway with an incredible result? That’s less than £2 per day.

Signup and get the jumpstart blueprints

The 7 Day Fat Loss Jump Start Program with Tara Grimes

The 7 Day Fat Loss Jump Start Rules And Guidelines

Simple, clear guidelines on what to do over the next week. This includes eating out guidelines and swaps at no extra charge, because we realise that you live in the real world where eating out of Tupperware isn’t realistic or enjoyable!

A 7 day meal planner so you can pick and plan your favourites at a glance

Take your time enjoying this process, or get it done as quickly as you need to. It’s entirely flexible to your needs

7 days of Breakfast, lunches and dinners meal guides

28 meals including a colourful layout of each meal, step by step preparation and cooking instructions and an ingredient list for shopping. That’s 7 days of beautiful breakfasts, 7 days of lovely lunches, 7 days of delicious dinners, and 7 days of superb snacks. All calories and macros are already counted so you can simply pick and choose what you like and plug and play it into your life. The only thing we don’t do is cook and eat it for you.

Inside that email is an invite to the Facebook group

If you have questions, feel stuck or your motivation has started wobbling… that’s where you can get support from the community and the team of dedicated nutritionists that are standing by to help.

This price is a one-off fee with no recurring payment!


Today's Price

£ 13.00

Join the Private Facebook Group

Support from the community and the team of dedicated nutritionists that are standing by to help.

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