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6 Week Better Body Programme

This programme is designed specifically for people that want simple and easy to follow fat loss.

Tara Grimes' six weeks to a better body program

"After having 4 c-sections, I wasted so much time doing cardio and sit ups in a bid to flatten my tummy.

It wasn’t until I did Tara’s 6 weeks to a Better Body that I realised Tara’s training combined with her nutrition was the secret. My body transformed fast, I couldn’t believe it. Even without cardio my mummy tummy flattened down and my body fat dropped dramatically. I’m totally delighted I came across Tara’s program online.”

18 lbs

6% Body Fat

9 Inches from lower tummy

This plan is perfect for you if...

This might be the most important thing you read today.

But only if you’re looking for a simple, easy to understand plan that includes normal, flexible eating to allow you to enjoy your social life.

This programme is NOT for advanced athletes that want to spend hours and hours at the gym each week, with complicated equipment.

This programme is designed specifically for people that want simple and easy to follow fat loss. It includes step by step guidance through videos and online support from a fully qualified team of qualified nutritionists and body transformation coaches.

You can expect to lose up to a stone in 6 weeks. That’s over a kilo each week!

And for a limited time, this programme which normally sells at £79… is JUST £39.

I'm Tara

I’ve been coaching women for the best part of a decade, and have now helped hundreds of women to lose weight.


It can seem like modern life just is set up to make weight loss so hard for women – especially after you give birth.


As a registered nutritionist, I just hated seeing women being taken advantage of by the diet industry. Between demoralising diet clubs – where the entire business model is based on you not getting a result so that you keep coming back…

And the diet industry as a whole offering advice on the “best way to eat” that was completely contradictory, and left women feeling hungry all the time.

Even trying to sell you expensive – and sometimes dangerous – “fat burning” supplements – that do nothing much beyond give you palpitations and make you feel anxious…

After working with hundreds of successful women that lose on average a stone in 6 weeks, I can now tell you with certainty: There’s a better way.

Specifically designed to be completed in 6 weeks because this is just long enough to see a fantastic and motivating result… but not so long that you lose interest.

Designed specifically to improve your physique by changing your body composition. That means preserving muscle mass, and scorching body fat so you look lean, toned, and firm.

Workouts are designed to switch on the hormones involved in fat loss – and turn them up like a dial. For most women, especially after having children, these hormones can reduce to a trickle. That’s why losing weight feels so much harder than it used to.

The workouts and eating plan work hand in hand – regulating hunger, and boosting the biological systems involved in fat loss.

The short, effective workouts are perfect for women that have less than 30 minutes  to spend on exercise. They are specifically crafted to “super charge” your metabolism, keeping your body torching through calories for hours after the workout is over.

If you’re new to training, or haven’t exercised in a long time, don’t worry. The programme includes a step by step video guide to show you exactly how to do it effectively and safely.

On average, people lose 14lbs of fat in the 6 week period.

…But the majority of this is lost through diet & nutrition. The workouts are just an added boost to results.

Edit for however long the workout is.

Real Women, Real Results

Lost 14lbs and 9 inches all over

Lost 10lbs and dropped 8 inches around the tummy area

Lost no weight but dropped 2 inches off waist and 2 inches off lower tummy

Lost 12lbs and dropped a dress size

Start your transformation by joining now.

In under 6 weeks, people have lost up to 18lbs, 6% body fat and 9 inches from their lower tummies!

Let me walk you through what you actually get…

Tara Grimes' six weeks to a better body program

6 Week Transformation Manual

The 6 Week Transformation Manual is the main guide, and takes evidence based principles around training and nutrition and makes them incredibly simple to understand. You will be able to start applying these guidelines immediately to start getting into the best shape of your life. This easy to use guide gives you all the support you need on taking your starting measurements, and how to to create meals to optimise fat loss. This is where you’ll find the video links to exercise demos. And it contains breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas that everyone in the family will love.

Fat Loss Nutrition Manual

The Fat Loss Nutrition Manual is a deep dive into the practicalities of food. It includes food lists, meal plans for training and non-training days, and even beautiful visual aids on portion control. These meal templates allow you to create your own meals, based on the foods you love. Simple to understand, just plug & play them straight into your life. No time consuming calorie counting needed!

Body Blitz Workouts

The Body Blitz Workout includes a step by step video breakdown to make sure you’re moving safely with good technique before setting you a challenge. Every single rep is clearly explained, right down to how long to rest for. The focus is on using the largest, functional muscle groups to get the best fat loss results with the least amount of time. With the approaches used, you’ll feel stronger while toning up. We recognise that people get bored of exercises easily, so every 2 weeks they change to something new. That means you don’t let your body get used to the movements, and you keep torching fat at a rapid pace.

Metabolic Home Workouts

The Metabolic Home Workout Pack is for everyone that struggles to fit the gym into their day. These short, effective workouts deliver maximum results... Perfect for people that can’t get to the gym, but still want to turbocharge their fat loss results.

BONUS Healthy Meal Recipe Book

This is a 3 pack of recipe books that will upgrade your meal times. These are in addition to the meal ideas in the transformation manual, and I think you’ll be very pleased with what’s included. Let’s just say… dessert is not off limits on this plan!

And the glue that holds it all together… the Facebook community. You’ll have access to a team of registered nutritionists and personal trainers to keep you motivated, and progressing, for the full 6 weeks.

You will never feel confused, stuck, overwhelmed or lacking motivation again.

I’m sure you can see how we can be so confident about the results we can deliver.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what some of the ladies have to say who have already completed the programme…

6 week member results

Ordinarily, this 6 week programme would cost you £79 – and it would be cheap at the price.

But for a short time only, you can download the programme, and keep them for life for just £39. That’s less than a pound a day!

To remind you, you’re getting…

6 Week Transformation Manual

Fat Loss Nutrition Manual

Body Blitz Workouts

Metabolic At Home Workouts

3 Bonus Healthy Recipe Manuals

Facebook community

If you’re keen to get started, you can get instant access by following this payment link.

The programme will arrive instantly, and will be yours to keep forever. If you want to repeat the programme in the future – it will continue to work every single time you want to use it.

When people are asking how you’ve achieved such an incredible result in just 6 weeks from now, you can decide whether to reveal your secrets… or keep them to yourself.

Results Guaranteed

Members on our private community boast 1000’s of amazing transformations. These are all authentic results from real people spread across the globe.

This price is a one-off fee with no recurring payment!


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£ 79.00

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Myself, a team of registered Nutritionists and Sports Performance Coaches will give you the most valid up to date evidence and research to reach your goals in a healthful and safe way.

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