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Let’s Say Goodbye to that Meno-Pot!

Menopause & Belly Fat Webinar

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Understand every aspect of how menopause is affecting your body and learn how to blast that meno-pot!

What You Can Expect From the Webinar

What you WON’T be getting is some drivel from someone who hasn’t even experienced menopause for themselves. I’m living it myself and I work with 1000’s of women who are currently pushing through the low-energy days, fighting the meno-belly and who are absolutely smashing menopause in the face.

Sound like something you want to be part of?

I recorded this webinar a short while ago and covered the following:

An image of Tara Grimes sittin gon a chair with the words 'Defeat the Meno-pot' in the foreground, to advertise her Menopause webinar
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