6 Weeks Online Better Bodies Program

Are you short on time, but looking maximum fat loss, or looking a fantastic kick start to a longer term plan, well look no further.

What is the Better Bodies Program?
Its an online nutrition and training program that delivers the amazing results that my personal training clients are getting without having to travel to my classes. A one off, fast track, six week program designed for fat loss, body sculpt /tone and sending your energy levels through the roof. Whether its a party, wedding or holiday, you can look and feel super confident in only 42 days. No fitness levels required as I basically hand hold you through the entire program.

Nutrition plan
Full nutrition Program is given, based on “your” food preferences, not mine. Its not a prescription style plan, there is no calorie counting or macro counting, its very easy to follow. The nutrition plan is designed so that when the 6 weeks is over you'll be able to carry forward the fundaments for a long term sustainable plan. Delicious family friendly recipes are provided, these are quick, cheap, simple to follow and don't take forever to prepare. They are based around foods that can be easily taken to work for packed lunches. Hot & cold breakfasts that can be taken on the run, dinners that can be cooked and reheated for lunch the next day.Eating Out guides are also available so that you can still have a life whilst getting leaner and fitter. Tips on travelling and holidays whilst on the program are also available.A private support forum is available on Facebook where I will be available every day to answer your questions. You can also share your own delicious recipes, motivational posts and stories to inspire other members in your private group.

To provide even more flexibility, you have the choice of training either at the gym or at home(no equipment required). I personally filmed all the gym and home workouts that you can download onto your phone or tablet and train anywhere at any time. Don't worry if you have never lifted weights before ,each filmed workout gives step by step instructions. The home workouts are only 10-15 minutes each , 3 times per week. Thats less than 45 minutes per week.

Signing up
The program costs only £79.99 for the entire six weeks, including all workout videos, nutrition plans, recipe books and online support. Once you make your payment online , there is no waiting period, you can download your program and get started immediately!

Having achieved my goal within five weeks with the lovely Tara Grimes, I cannot recommend her enough. Its not just about the end results though, with Tara, she was there for every step of my individual journey: not only physically but building on my confidence every single day, allowing me not only to achieve a healthier lifestyle but also a happier lifestyle. I lost 14 lbs in 5 weeks.

Have enjoyed every minute of the last 3 weeks of Taras group training. My aim has probably been different from lots of the other girls, after a period of ill health I wanted to regain my strength and fitness levels and learn how to eat well and stay healthy. I have learnt all this and more from both Tara and Damien. Also as someone who loved running and cycling and thought I had to do both for at least an hour to make a difference, the high intensity weight training has been a revelation! I can feel the difference in my body already.